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Design & Technology

Design & Technology Curriculum Intent

As designers our children will be problem solvers, creative thinkers and inventors. They will be able to evaluate and modify their design showing resilience, pride and perseverance.

What does Design & Technology look like in Alderman Pounder?

FS1: N1 (The Pod)

FS1: N2 (The Potting Shed)

FS2: Reception

KS1: Year 1

KS1: Year 2

Top Tips to be a designer anywhere...

  • get creative! Use household items to model or build something new
  • help your child to safely take part in cooking for the family and thinking about how we use different ingredients
  • start a sketch book to record ideas for new inventions or improvements to existing things
  • follow instructions together next time to build or assemble something at home. See which tools or materials can be used by your child

The 5 Es in action at Alderman Pounder!