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Geography Curriculum Intent 

As geographers we want to ensure children have an understanding of the ever changing environment, have enquiring minds, be active learners and have a knowledge of the world around them.

What does Geography look like in Alderman Pounder?

FS1: N1 (The Pod)

FS1: N2  (The Potting Shed)

FS2: Reception

KS1: Year 1

KS1: Year 2

Top Tips for how to be a Geographer anywhere...

  • explore your local area by talking walks and talking about the different features and wildlife that you see
  • share the map you use next time you take a trip, or draw a map to your favourite local destination
  • discuss the similarities and differences you notice when you visit somewhere new, or look at photos and videos of places you have visited or new countries

The 5 Es in action at Alderman Pounder!