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KS1 Curriculum

Key Stage 1

Children aged 5-7 follow the National Curriculum requirements and the Nottinghamshire Entitlement Curriculum, the children are taught under the same seven areas of learning headings as in Foundation Stage. This ensures a continuation in their learning journey throughout their time in our school. These are often taught on a themed basis, delivering different subjects through a common, relevant topic. We are committed to doing our best so that each child will achieve their full potential. Our aims in each subject area are as follows:

Communication and Language/Literacy

  • to ensure we assess each pupil’s learning needs, continuously building on pupil’s achievement and attainment to ensure they are supported and challenged to achieve their full potential

  • to provide high quality Communication, Language and Literacy Curriculum to ensure our children experience exciting and engaging opportunities to learn and develop their skills


  • to develop a high level of numeracy

  • to develop an ability to think clearly, logically and creatively in mathematics with confidence, independence and flexibility of mind

  • to ensure an awareness of the usefulness of mathematics in the world beyond the classroom

  • to have an understanding of mathematics through a process of problem solving, enquiry and experiment

  • to gain an understanding of the nature and purposes of mathematics

  • to have an appreciation of the importance of sharing mathematics by discussing, explaining and reporting

  • to have an awareness of the personal qualities such as perseverance when working

Expressive Arts and Design

  • to ensure we assess each pupil’s learning needs and build our teaching on their previous achievement and attainment

  • to ensure that they develop their skills through an exciting, fun, engaging, creative and well planned curriculum

Physical Development

  • to help all pupils use their natural enthusiasm for movement to become skilful and intelligent performers in a range of physical activities and contexts to develop positive attitudes to exercise so that they see it as an important and enjoyable part of their lives

  • to ensure all children know how to live a healthy life making informed decisions about food, exercise and sleep

Personal, Social and Health Education

  • to ensure that children are aware of the diversity and differences within their school and wider community to enable them to form effective, co-operative relationships so that they can contribute fully as an active and responsible citizen

  • to provide a PSE curriculum which gives children the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to lead a healthy and independent life; engaging children in experiences which develop their own self-worth, working with others and giving them the confidence to have an opinion whilst respecting others views sensitively

Understanding the World

  • to inspire our children to have inquisitive minds and develop a sense of curiosity about their world on a local and global scale; encouraging them to consider the value of their natural world and instil in them a respect for their environment

  • to help our children understand their uniqueness as a person in a family and community and know why belonging is important; knowing that there are similarities and differences in all areas of life and to be able to show respect for others and their beliefs

  • for our children to gain an understanding of past events and people, and be able to consider the impact of this on their present lives

  • for our children to develop confidence in technology across all subject areas

  • that through understanding all of these areas our children will gain attributes which will empower them to become well-rounded citizens who can contribute compassionately and effectively to their own world