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 Phonics scheme

At Alderman Pounder we use StoryTime Phonics which is a systematic, synthetic phonics reading and writing programme which compliments the governments letters and sounds document. The uniqueness of StoryTime Phonics is that the synthetic phonics teaching opportunities are embedded within the context of real books; books written by phenomenal writers and illustrators who know how to engage children and make them want to read for pleasure. Early in the Autumn term there will be a parents information evening to provide an overview of how this is taught in school.

Click on the Phonics Fairy below to see a copy of this year's presentation.


Children start learning spellings once they start phase 3 of our phonics programme.

Phase 3 Spellings

Those in BOLD are tricky words.

 week 1: a, an, as, at, up

 week 2:  if, in, is, it, on, off

 week 3: can, dad, had, back

 week 4: big, his, him, not, got 

 week 5: mum, but, put, get, and

 week 6: that, this, them, then

 week 7: with, will, now, down

 week 8: look, too, for, see

 week 9: the, to, I

 week 10: no, go, into, of

Phase 4 Spellings

Those in BOLD are tricky words.

 week 1: we, me, be

 week 2:  he, she

 week 3: was, her, are

 week 4: you, they

 week 5: all, my

 week 6: from, just

 week 7: went, help

Phase 5a Spellings

Those in BOLD are tricky words.

 week 1: went, just, from, help

 week 2:  which,when

 week 3: made, came, make, day

 week 4: very, here

 week 5: Mr, Mrs

 week 6: time, like, by

 week 7: oh, so, old

 week 8: children, little

 week 9: do, who, use

 week 10: your, saw

 week 11: out, about, house

 week 12: were, one

 week 13: have, give, live


Phase 5b Spellings

Those in BOLD are tricky words.

 week 1: place, once

 week 2:  know, write, wrote, knew

 week 3: again, water

 week 4: could, would, should, some, come

 week 5: there, their

 week 6: looked, called, asked

 week 7: to, too, two

 week 8: what, want

 week 9: people, said, because

 week 10: badge, hedge, nudge

Phase 6 Spellings

Those in BOLD are tricky words.

 week 1: water, good, where, school, home

 week 2:  it's, I'm, don't

 week 3: she's, he's, she'll, they're, we're

 week 4: brushes, buzzes, catches, misses, babies

 week 5: knives, leaves, loaves, hoped, hopped

 week 6: reader, bigger, happiest, biggest, quickly, happily


Phonics Play is a resource that is well used in school. Some of the resources are free to use. To explore this phonics resource click on the logo below.