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Reading schemes

A wide range of reading schemes, including Oxford Reading Tree, are organised within a colour-banded scheme. This provides a broad and varied range of texts and genres to encourage a love of reading. This system is used across the whole school.


In order to read with fluency and accuracy our children are encouraged to explore, develop and orchestrate a full range of reading cues (phonic, graphic, syntactic and contextual) through a variety of opportunities and experiences. Our main goal is to develop individuals reading skills levels so that they are able to read to learn.


Reading is developed through:

  • providing a wide range of material (including multi media) and opportunities for children to select from this for pleasure and for information
  • helping children understand how texts work
  • reading support for each child (the frequency of which will be determined by the child’s level of development)
  • structured banding of reading books to enable children to progress through levels suited to their own individual needs
  • a progressive programme of phonics and word recognition in accordance with the Primary Framework for Literacy
  • shared and guided reading lessons using a wide range of genres
  • home-school reading link
  • ensuring that all children are immersed in an environment rich in print
  • reading aloud to children
  • reading and reciting poetry with expression
  • intervention groups