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Admission Arrangements

Applications for places at our school are managed by Nottinghamshire County Council; the school does not deal with places directly. The school converted to an academy on 1st September 2018, joining The Flying High Trust Partnership, and will therefore be responsible for processing admission appeals only using the FHP Admission Appeals Form.

Please visit Nottinghamshire County Council website to review the process on how to apply for a school place, including confirmation of the school catchment area, important key dates and the Admissions Policy. Paper copies of application forms can be obtained by telephoning the Admissions Department on 0300 500 8080 or emailing

Primary School Appeals Timetable for entry into 2020-21

National closing date for on-time applications

Wednesday 15 January 2020

National offer date for all Infant/Junior and Primary Schools

Thursday 16 April 2020

Independent appeals heard

June/July 2020






 Infant class size appeals Infant classes must not contain more than 30 pupils with a single school teacher. When an infant class has already reached the legal limit of 30, appeal panels can only offer a place in very limited circumstances.


Following a brief induction meeting for parents towards the end of June, we provide an induction programme in the summer term for our new Foundation Stage children and their parents. Induction packs provide information about what happens in school and includes a number of forms for parents to complete and sign.  New children start school full time after the summer holidays. If you think your child may  take a while to settle, then a part time timetable can be discussed with a view to building to full time very quickly.

New children settle very quickly at our school; we encourage independence from the start but are also mindful that some need a little more time to get used to routines.

Those children, who join us part way through the year may start school on an agreed date which is negotiated with the school.

We currently have an admission limit of 70 children per year group, with 3 year groups, giving a maximum number on roll of 210 children. This does not include the Seedlings Nursery.

Please contact the school office on 0115 9252928 for further information.


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