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 It is important to us that every child in our school has 'a voice'. We want all our children to feel happy and safe coming to school and have the confidence to express themselves. All staff work hard to ensure learning is appropriate and fun, to meet the needs of all.

As we do with our parents, we get our children to complete a questionnaire, which allows us hear what they think about school, their learning and ideas for change.


Below are some of the comments from our most recent questionnaires:


What do you like most about school?

  • maths because I'm learning some more, being like a grown-up and can teach my children

  • dinners are good and puddings!

  • I like everything!

  • literacy, play practice and structured play

  • maths


What would like to change about school?

  • I would make going home time a bit later

  • make the playground even better

  • do even more writing

  • if my other friends could come to this school too


What are you most proud of?

  • my pretty stories

  • my pictures

  • when I do craft

  • that I can now do the fireman's' pole on the climbing frame

  • when I'm in the Gold Book and I do good work

  • reading

  • good at numbers

  • how neat my writing has got