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Our aim is to provide our service children effective support as they face challenges that often go beyond the experience of the majority of families and children in the UK.

The Pod offers a safe haven where children can have time to express themselves out of the classroom environment through structured play activities and where they are offered lots of support not only via the pod squad leader but their friends also.


We are able to offer the children use of a wide range of activities linked to the current curriculum and the chance to make use of the wonderful garden, pond area and sensory room of the Pod.

 The brief time they have out of the classroom is filled with excitement about being in the Pod wilst experiencing planned activities and moral support from friends and teachers.

"I like sharing my ideas and taking Sgt Jam home," says Lilly.

Ava: "I want to go to Pod Squad everyday!"

Aimee: "We listen to each other and try to help our friends if they are missing daddy/mummy."

"I love Pod Squad because we do fun activities!" says Aisha.

 "I like that we talk when we are sad"

 "I like doing the craft"

 "We play with HappyLand and the army toys"

 "We have chill out time in the sensory room"


The sensory room fosters an atmosphere of relaxation. Relaxation is good for our children’s emotional health; it gives them a chance to explore their feelings and supports their development of communication.

Recently we had a Camo Day. The whole school took part. We had a team of people from our local barracks who, with Mrs Foston's help, organised a day of fun activities for all.

We learned how to march smartly, showing good listening skills.

We took part in a sorting activity in a make-shift post office.  

We completed an assault course. 

We interviewed a soldier and even ate our dinner out of mess tins!

The whole day helped us all to appreciate the many different roles some of our parents, and others, have within the military. Another group of 'People Who Help Us'.


It was also an opportunity to donate towards The Soldiers Charity.

All in all it was a brilliant day, despite the rain!


Children are given lots of opportunities to stay in touch with mums or dads that are deployed overseas, via blueys and E-blueys. There is no pressure on the child to write long letters as we produce a Pod newspaper that can be sent to families informing them about all the things their children have done during the term.

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Service Children in State Schools

SCISS is a national group of primary and secondary heads working together to influence and advise the MoD, DfE and LAs on national policy issues regarding the education and well-being of Service children in schools in England and to develop and disseminate an informed national perspective about the issues facing those schools and local authorities which serve them.

SCISS: click here to find out more.