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CHILDREN's government

As a school we are very keen that children should have a voice, and are heard. One of the ways we do this is through our Children's Government. We have tried to help our children appreciate the British political system at an age-appropriate level. Each autumn we invite children to put themselves forward for the Children's Government.


Those who want to stand are asked to produce a manifesto that is shared with the whole school. Posters are put up in each classroom and around school. A summary is given to class teachers to share with all children. During the week the candidates are encouraged to talk to their peers and share why they should vote for them.


Following that we hold an election day, complete with polling booths and voting slips. Each child is allowed for vote for one candidate, regardless of which year group they are in.


Votes are carefully counted by one of our governors.


The winners are announced and congratulated, along with all the other candidates who stand for election. We are very proud of everyone who takes part.


At our first meeting we elect each child to an office within our government.


The government meets weekly, except for in exceptional circumstances. The ministers consider a range of issues and projects, some tasked to them by the senior leadership team, some at the suggestion of the ministers themselves. Currently they are looking at the following issues:

  • how we can increase the opportunities for quality physical activity in the playground

  • how we can reduce our carbon footprint

Ministers are asked to feedback to classes/whole school as needed, also to our senior leadership team.


This year we have combined our Eco Team with our Children's Government. We have appointed a Minister for the Environment who will work closely with one of our governors who has agreed to lead on all things eco! The Children's Government have agreed that we will try to work on two issues at a time, one of which will always be an eco issue. We are very keen as a school to 'make a difference' in all sorts of ways. 

If you would like to see some of the things our Eco Team have tackled in the past, click her to be linked to our eco page. This will shortly be removed and all things eco will be reported within the Children's Government meeting minutes at the bottom of this page.

Minutes of Meetings

Autumn 2019



During December the ministers made Christmas cards for all our Governors as a 'thank you' for all their hard work and commitment to our school. They were also very busy within their classes preparing for their concerts!

Minutes of Meetings

Summer 2021